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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Shed Saga: Notes from Day Two

Steak knives are just as good as exacto knives.

I thought I was being cute about the twelvety thousand pieces. No, there really ARE sacks and sacks of nuts and screws and bolts and washers and then there's the extra sack. Which would make sense cause I keep dropping them in the gravel.

Cuts that bled: two.

Comfortable positions to hold aluminum pieces together to simultaneously tighten with Phillips head from one side while holding the bolt with pliers from the other: zero.

Aluminum doors that sound like community theatre thunder when shaken. ohhhh, what a great noise.


Blogger Eye said...

If your time was valued at $1.95 an hour, this shed may wind up costing you $17,000.

Each assemble-it-yourself company employs a special person to make sure that there are always too few or too many nuts and bolts for the project. Allowing the correct number of nuts and bolts dooms the person to be banished to the instruction sheet department where total incompetence and confusion is rewarded.

Thank God these same people do not write sex manuals. (Insert piece A into piece B, etc.)

5/2/06 11:04 AM  

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