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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oak Cliff Yard Dog

All my adult life I've worked on this career, you now? Took a whole bunch of time out for raising babies, for making them and family be the most important. Raise a couple of intelligent, talented kids, but now they're grown and gone and even as I try to reach out to something beyond my environment, beyond the world i know, beyond the wonderful, honorable organizations who believe in me....still I find it hard to get acceptance. No pedigree, you know? These LORT theaters around the country - somehow they've gotten the idea that if one doesn't have a degree from Yale or Harvard one must not be talented. Or at least talented enough. Graduate degrees, BFAs from good universities, if not Northeast they don't seem to count.

THis hurts. At 60, almost 61 I don't want to start all over again in New York. I would just really really like to be acknowledged for what I've accomplished and be able to move on and grow. Grow better. Get even better roles. But I just don't know. So far it seems that as long as you know someone, have the very rightest connections, the very strongest recommendations, then talent doesn't matter a whit.

I have talent. I am good at what I do. I have no sense of entitlement whatsoever. Maybe that's the problem. I should go about bragging and spewing ego. I dunno. THat's just not me.


Blogger erin said...

A. What the hell is a LORT theater
B. You COULD stand to spew more ego - there's a difference between being confident and being an asshole. Just don't be an asshole.
C. You should post this on your facebook. It seems you have a pretty incredible community of theater friends who would agree with you and/or know what to say.

28/10/10 7:59 AM  

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