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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Words I've made up since meeting thewordcarver

Auto-forget- what Word 2004 for Mac does occasionally, usually when I’m in the middle of a big editing job

dreamWORKing – when you’re dreaming and you KNOW that you’re dreaming and you have this whole conversation with yourself about it (while you’re dreaming the dream), which can take many forms but with me it’s usually something like Look, Deep Subconscious, this has GOT to be a dream, so try to remember it when you wake up because it probably holds some significant meaning. And you toss and turn and wake up and go pee muddily thinking, DAMN what the hell does that mean I’m gonna have to write this all down in the morning and then you go back to sleep and re-enter the same dream!

PamemaginationCentral – my overdramatic internal script provider.

brunchyshrimpy – midmorning fish, duhhhh.

e-occasion – anything that happens interactively on a computer. EM, IM, billpay, eBay auction, blogging, porn session, you know, pretty much anything.

One Box At A Time – a slogan for Movers Anonymous (a 12-step group I think ought to exist) designed to relieve stress over unpacked or un-unpacked boxes.

discombobulator – a person who is actively living in discombobulation

iBoob - my iBook’s name, because it feels like a third appendage to the front of me.

serendiprosynchronistic - when two people meet totally unexpectedly and out of the blue and in the strangest way and get along so well and have such odd and interesting things in common but don’t really know what the future will bring and are slightly afraid to deal with it so just try to be very, very careful.

metabopause – what happens at menopause, or at least mine did. My metabo paused, along with my waist line and several other external physical acoutrements (the internal remains the same......5 year old levels of desire, wonder, awe).... I wonder, if the menos and metabos paused, will they start up again later?

splointy: the sound raindrops make when they hit my bought-used-10 years ago-looks-awful, weighs a buttzillion (whoops there I go again) pounds, but runs just fine circa 1974 Frederichs window unit

twelvety: a lot more when you add it to a thousand nuts and bolts

ominosity: the state of ominousness an email from your agent can incite, even if it turns out okay.

imaginaryation: just what it sounds like, kin to:

refrigerydator: a word my kids made up

voicerator – a man who can write, and talk too, convincingly. Charming, disarming, pullclarming (see? I just can’t stop).

territoreventuality – the inevitability of animals who become relationships. Farmboy-furry centerpiece on the clean red tablecloth, Sissy on the floor, nose peeking out from under the curtains, Tasha finally climbs up on the couch and turns around three times before collapsing NOT on her bed but on the four pillows deliberately set at odd angles so she won’t be tempted to sleep on that side of the couch. Doggie snores. Sparkle sits staring at the fire in the metal Dearborn stove and I can’t find my cell phone to take a picture of this delicate image. When you walk around a house at 3:00 AM all you notice is how peaceful the other mammals seem to be. I’m a mammal, aren’t I? Why am I not peaceful?


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Mr. Webster has nothing on you !!!

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