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Saturday, November 06, 2010

I think I lost my iPhone

really, I was just getting a pizza, thinking my firstborn was coming to dinner, so I threw it on top of the Dallas Observer on top of the pizza box into the car trying to avoid the dog who was on one of her rarely accepted "RIDE? Wanna RIDE? Here, Tasha, come on, LOAD!" And ended up feeding her bruschetta by hand on the drive home. I distinctly remember putting the iPHone in my hoodie pocket and having one of those flash 'this isn't the best place to put the phone' thoughts.

HAHAHAHHAHA. Now the fucking thing is GONE and I am SO GLAD. I am so sick of $30 a month that nobody ELSE is paying PER phone line. I hate texting. I HATE IT. GPS? Yeah, the GPS is a great thing. I could have bought THREE of them in the time I"ve had and stressed out about this stupid phone. I don't NEED to answer email every frickin other second. I do NOT need to be answering email (or checking if I HAVE email, or checking my bank balance or Facebook) while driving (helloooooo, that is the ALL THE SAME THING AS TEXTING WHILE DRIVING.

If this thing has truly gone away, I am glad. I will purchase the next best thing to zero from mighty world capitans AT&T and be happy that I can call my kids and my agent can reach me.

I love technology, I do. But I don't need apps, I don't care about games and I don't need to not pay attention while driving. And that is all.


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