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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Water Aerobics Splash 2

I'm thinking I'd better confine my YMCA comments to this, mostly private, blog.

There were only a handful of us today.

A new woman came to the class. Greg, our handsome instructor who attends Junior College nearby, said, "Start warming up by walking back and forth between the rope and the wall." This woman says, "Wheh da wall at?" I kid you not.

Plus she was wearing a wig. A very nice shiny black, French bob cut WIG. IN THE SWIMMING POOL. Granted we weren't required to actually swim or go under the water, but still.

Then later in the class we lined up against the wall (she found it) and were doing some exercise that required our faces to be very close to the water. This dead bee drifted toward my mouth and I jumped aside, and said to her, "Watch out! Don't swallow the dead bee!" She said, "It be dead, honey." Then she said, "Don' drink dis water honey, dey be peein in it."

And now that I think about it, I'm the only person in the class who ever put her head in/under the water. Granted several of these ladies can't swim at all, but I wonder if they know something I don't.

We prayed again. I'm practicing for when Greg asks me if I'll lead, much like my annual rewrite of my Oscar/Tony/Golden Globe speech.

Then I went to Tom Thumb. I had sixteen items so was all dutiful and stood in the regular line and got squinched between two big baskets. The woman in front of me bought $454.09 worth of groceries, and that was with a fistful of coupons. Why is it always the line I GET IN?


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