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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Night Of The First Cricket

March 1................

and records set all all over the place...It hit 92 today or something absurd. Tonight I was going to write about this blogging thing and how I feel so intimidated, surrounded as I am by so much creativity (maybe just because the ones I link to seem so fabulous).....or

Then I was going to write about finally experiencing mood swings, crying in the Fedex office, when the YMCA accounts lady was so nice - ongoing pissy middle aged hormonal woman bullshit....

Then out of nowhere this little guy started chirping outside, struggling, not quite there, but real, real chirping, real cricket, enough to make me stop and listen and feel all nurtury again. Just one little lone early cricket....the big boys sent him out on a reconnaissance mission and he felt the urge, he just couldn't help it: chhhhhuuuuurrrrrrpppppp ppp ppp?? ppp? my teenage pregnant platies....they're too young, it's not time, but here they are, stuck in swimming in their now, victims of their environment.

Little baby chirping crickets. A sound we in the south know so well. A kind of timpani, lower than it will be in three months....some little teenage cricket who doesn't really know what he's doing yet. So his little back legs rub rub rub togther and they don't quite know how to do it quite right.

But he makes the noise. All by himself. So brave. And he sounds like spring.


Blogger Movie Lover said...

Quite lovely little observance. And I know what you mean about having something like a chirping cricket take your mind off stuff.

2/3/06 3:42 AM  
Blogger Eye said...

Nancy & I were sitting around listening to music. And then some static noise started coming out of the speakers and I was pissed that there was something wrong with the amp and then I realized the sound was coming from outside.

Early crickets, without Buddy Holly.

2/3/06 6:09 PM  

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