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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Pi-Yo Class

Frankly, it was mostly Pi and very little Yo but that's okay. My stomach is going to hurt like hell tomorrow, and I deserve it. Yellow Tail and Rawson's Retreat, somehow I will pay you back. Eventually.

I now completely understand Erin's warning that you have to find the RIGHT yoga class. Our class leader Nancy (oh, and Mo'Nique was there and a couple other ladies from my Water Aerobics class...sooner or later we're going to have to have a conversation). Once again I am PALE and WHITE and FLABBY in wait, there wasn't a single other woman in that class who was in fabulous or even really good shape. This was by far the largest class I've attended at the Y yet....a good 15 or more ladies - a couple of teenagers even, and we were all either fat, or had poochy stomachs or just weren't altogether L.A. trim and fit (read, emaciated with hard muscles)/

But the air conditioning was on and Nancy knew how to work us hard without making us pass out. From my less than happy experience with my one month of unlimited Yoga classes at an unnamed studio in the BAD, I now realize that Nancy was making adjustments from the beginning. She knew we couldn't do the heavy duty yoga stuff. I sweated like crazy, my muscles trembled, but I never felt like I had to dive for my water bottle and I even did a modified beginners tree pose at the end.

And I learned from Erin's comment last night. The goal isn't to compare (there wasn't time)'s just to try to do the damn exercises.


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