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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Barter Blog

Some folks have asked me about the Barter Blog, some have come in late, some of my Good Ol' Girls became FB friends later than I'm re-posting the whole Blog here, one post at time, so here's numero uno. I'll continue it till I get home to Texas.

Three nights before: There is more stuff on my list of things to do, clean, organize, edit, buy, fix, visit, write, call, repair, return, etc etc, before Friday than there are hours in the days. I am at once giggly with excitement and experiencing what psychologists call disassociation (a kinesthetic reaction to stark raving fear). The Barter adventure is about to begin. EEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!

Barter Blog Entry Numero Uno. First impressions. A) I got here alive. Drove through tremendous thunderstorms in the mountains, everyone was going 25 mph on the interstate with emergency blinkers going! C) Serious mountain beauty (image 2 and 3) but most of the great scenery was obliterated by blinding rain). They say you can't eat scenery but I could chew on some here. D) My welcome to the Barter Inn (image 1). Don't know whether it's my Equity goddess or my fat old lady who brought her dog goddess, but they gave me a ground floor room, RIGHT next to a side entrance, with the closest possible assigned parking spot, and I have the bathroom to myself so can spread my crap everywhere as I am wont to do anyway. When your bathtub has faucets from the 19th century, the little things mean a lot. The dorm is not at all unlike Granbury except even older and probably a lot noisier. E) FIREFLIES. They have FIREFLIES here.


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