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Monday, July 11, 2011

Down in the Hood, we try to please

Twenty minutes on the elliptical, 100 stomach crunches, and an hour of water aerobics. I remain at 50 or 60 pounds over the weight I even remotely considerable acceptable, but I am still the thinnest, whitest, least flabby woman in the class. There were two MEN in the class today. I think I was bouncing in the water (arms UP, jump UP, arms UP) and then held hands for the final prayer, with this gigantic big black guy with prison tattoos. I only say that because a former boyfriend (dear Russ, RIP) had worked in Texas prisons and told me how to identify a prison tatto....

Came home and started on yet another writing deadline but as usual, get distracted and now wondering how the F I'm going to make the bills. I am currently like those people they talk about on NPR - 'living from paycheck to paycheck'....

And then we had a bat sighting. I went outside and my next door neighbors were out, and Lisa and I are always arguing about who owns the bats (my bats, no they're MY bats!), but tonight we finally figured out that because they set lights out (that focus up into the sky, and even though I have a ton of foresty shade trees, they have even more), they get them earlier than I do. So after naming the bats Barbara, Barry and Wayne, I began walking back to my own yard, and sure enough, they started swooping down right over my head. It was FABULOUS.


Blogger erin said...

Here's the latest thing Erin is working on on herself (besides speaking in third person):
Physical activity is not something that has an endpoint. We have to (and get to) do it for the rest of our lives. When the pounds do come off (or even if they don't) you STILL have to keep working out, because it is what your body was made for.

These are the only bodies we have or will ever have, so we better spend our time in them making them work to the best of their ability.

(Please note that I'm starting to tell myself this daily and it's still very difficult to work out. Making it a life change is going to be a lonnngg process.)

12/7/11 10:05 AM  
Blogger Rrramone said...

You cannot own a bat.

7/10/11 7:35 AM  

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